How We Practice Law

While the attorneys at Leigh Law can and do provide aggressive representation, sometimes finesse, common sense, and compromise are all that is needed to resolve issues without the expense, stress, and time involved in a full-blown trial. Running up the bill is not uncommon in the legal world, but because 90% of our clients are flat fee clients, that is not a risk here.

Mediation First

We Play to Win

Our first approach is a common sense, “let’s resolve this” approach which benefits clients emotionally and financially. Sometimes an issue is not resolvable and we must go to trial. If we go to trial, we play to win! You don’t need a lawyer to lose – you can lose all by yourself. You need a lawyer to win. We win with thorough preparation with client, research, facts, and law. You can’t beat the aggressive and insightful representation offered by the trained trial lawyers at Leigh Law.

We always attempt to resolve issues with a mediation approach (whether formal or informal) so as to resolve the problem. The risk and reward of trial is great, but most times people would rather work something out to save time, money, and stress than march to an unnecessary trial. This is beneficial to clients’ state of mind and pocketbooks.

No “Legalese”

There is no Latin here! We use white boards and handouts to outline your problem & options, craft a solution, and discuss what possible turns your case might take in everyday language. Clear understandings of the strategy, risk, rewards and involvement of the clients are critical to a lasting attorney-client relationship.


Sometimes the news is good; sometimes the news is bad. No matter what, you’ll always get the clear, frank truth from us.

Satisfied Clients & Referrals

We welcome all minor and major issues of life because Leigh Law wants long term, satisfied clients and we genuinely treat you the way we would want to be treated. We are fair and reasonable. We provide excellent services at affordable rates. We recognize that if you need a lawyer you are in a trying and stressful time in your life and we do our best to accommodate the emotions (while still providing reliable legal advice) that come along with legal problems. The best compliment a client can give us is to refer family and friends!

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